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EU Children's Participation Platform

Together Online

We want to reach out to children across the EU so they can participate and share their views and experiences. Digital communication can help us. 

It is so important that we are co-creating our website with children as part of our 2023-2024 Work Plan. To make sure that what we are doing will work for kids like you!

Who did we work with?

What did we learn?

Using websites
  • Teens did not use main site menus, filters or on-site search very much
  • They scrolled and scanned through pages much faster than adults
  • They looked for interesting interactions (videos and surveys got their attention)
  • When there was a lot of choice, it was harder for them to choose something 
Look and feel
  • Avoid lots of different neon colours or overuse of images which is confusing 
  • Make clickable items, important words and action buttons very visible
  • Movement or sounds on important actions and clickable items are good
  • If content is for different ages, these groupings should be visible
Types of content
  • Things to do should be visible, with less written content to begin with
  • Interactive content is very important, such as videos, quizzes, surveys, voting etc. 
  • Wording should be simple, modern and interesting, but not childish
  • Children should be involved in the creation of content and digital activities

What's happens next?