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EU Children's Participation Platform

We work with children and teenagers to help amplify their voices within EU decision-making. 

The plans and strategies that guide us in this work are co-created in consultation with EU children and teens. This is to ensure we focus on what is most important for them, and where there are opportunities to include their opinions in EU policy decisions.

Our 2023-2024 Work Plan

During the General Assembly in June 2023, children and adult participants discussed the work of the EU Children’s Participation Platform, and what topics children would like to be covered.

Further work was done by the Platform Secretariat together with the Children's Panel and the European Commission to make what is called our Work Plan.

Then during the Advisory Board meeting in October 2023, the Board members (a mix of children and adults) reviewed the plan and approved it.

The 2023-2024 Work Plan sets out the four topic areas we are working on together with children until October 2024.

Number one
Feeling safe
  • Children have said what they need to feel safe and have spoken about this with experts.
  • The Commission has considered the opinions of children while writing recommendations.
  • The recommendations will advise governments in the EU how to better protect children.

What children have told us about Feeling safe.

Number two
Democracy and voting
  • Children got hands-on training on how to access accurate information online and what democracy means in practice.
  • Results from consultations with children will be discussed with EU Member States.
  • This will provide the EU with more insights on how young people perceive and participate in democracy, which can be feed into their programs and initiatives.

Read about the online survey on democracy.

Number three
Website co-creation
  • Children are involved in the creation of the Platform's online communication and information.
  • In consultation with teenagers, we will create a child-friendly website.
  • Everything learnt will be shared with Platform members, to help them with their websites.

What we are learning from children and teenagers.

Number four
Past, present, future
  • The Commission will get insights on how the Platform has worked, what to keep, what to change.
  • Children will give and receive feedback on all the consultations they participated in.
  • Children will give their input for the next Work Plan (2025-2026)

These activities start in June 2024.