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EU Children's Participation Platform

EU Child Participation’s First General Assembly

On June 26-27 history was made at the European Commission. A first General Assembly co-created and co-chaired with European children and teenagers to discuss and work on child participation at EU-level.  

Bravo to our Children’s Panel, who worked so hard to make the meeting a success! 

Having our say, being heard!

We worked and played together over two days, and came up with ideas to help EU decision-makers adapt their laws and plans, in line with children's needs.

This General Assembly meeting was a big step in making children's voices heard within the European Union. The work that children did will now be fed into the Platform's work plan, and there will be new activities and chances for more children to have their say.

Not only are we the future, but we are also the present. We bring a new perspective and new ideas.

Tala, 17 years old, Sweden, Member of the Children's Panel

What we discussed

During these historic two days at the heart of the European Union's capital, the atmosphere was both fun and quite serious too.

We had discussions about important topics such as children's rights, making Europe greener, safety from harm, ending child poverty, and having a say in decisions, all with support from EU leaders.

In this gallery, you can see the things we talked about, and the people we met.

What we think

This is very important for your voices to be heard, to fully enjoy this experience, to always feel comfortable expressing your opinions, and to be respected by your peers.

Ana Gallego, Director-General for Justice and Consumers, European Commission

What happens next

Stay tuned for the next steps as we continue the Platform journey together:

  • Advisory Board meeting: the Advisory Board consists of experts and children, who meet twice a year to provide guidance and share their expertise. The next meeting will focus on approving the Platform's work plan, which includes input from the children's work during the General Assembly.

  • Child safety: we are finishing collecting your thoughts through the online survey and consultation, and will then be busy examining the results, all thanks to your helpful feedback!

  • New activities: get ready for exciting activities in 2024! There will be more discussions, chances to share your thoughts in surveys, and to join special events. Your voice matters!