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EU Children's Participation Platform

How to Become a Member

The Platform and many of the activities are open to all children of the European Union – this means everyone under 18 years old.  

There will also be member-only activities and events, and access to an online collaboration space. While the Platform is open to all, children and teenagers do need to be part of a member organisation to join. 

Membership for child participation organisations 

Platform membership is open to all EU-based child participation organisations, and their networks of children and teenagers, which meet the criteria.

What kind of activities are there for children and teenagers?

The Platform has four main objectives that underpin the activities children and teenagers can participate in. These activities take place at the EU, national or local levels, and are delivered in, or translated into the appropriate languages as required. 

Number one
Contributing insight

Identify concerns and contribute views on matters that are important to them, and on other topics proposed by the Commission.

Children are invited to share their insights through meetings, questionnaires, creative activities and evaluations.

Number two
Research and child-friendly information

Contribute to research activities on topics related to child participation and help to produce child-friendly documents. 

Number three
Learning hub and capacity building

Exchange of practice and experiences on child participation between organisations – through mutual learning activities, such as workshops, webinars and study visits.

Children also help the European Commission staff and Member States on the rights of the child, the use of child-friendly language, and how to conduct meaningful child participation.

Number four
Safe space

Take part in the online and offline activities of the Platform, which are a safe space for children to express their views, opinions, and interact with each other and adult stakeholders.

All Platform activities adhere to safeguarding and child protection policies co-designed and validated with children and are facilitated in child-friendly formats.

Contact us

For more information on the membership process or criteria, or any other questions, you can contact the Secretariat directly by email