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EU Children's Participation Platform

About the EU Children’s Participation Platform

The EU Children’s Participation Platform boosts children’s voices and helps them get involved in decision-making processes across the European Union.

Through the Platform, children connect and talk to policymakers and decision-makers. They discuss topics that impact their lives and learn about their rights as EU citizens.

Why did the EU create the Platform?

The EU wants children to have happy and healthy lives. As part of this commitment, and based on feedback from 10,000 children, the EU created the EU Strategy on the Rights of the Child.

The strategy highlights the importance of allowing children to express their opinions and participate in decision-making processes. The EU Children's Participation Platform is a safe place for EU children and teenagers to do this. 


Our framework to provide a safe place for children to participate

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How is the Platform structured?

The European Commission appointed a Secretariat team that worked on setting up the Platform. The Platform involves children in shaping its work and priorities through General Assembly meetings, Children’s Panel, and Advisory Board.

At EU and national (Member State) levels, the Platform collaborates with child participation organisations and their children’s networks. The primary groups within the Platform include: