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EU Children's Participation Platform

About the EU Children’s Participation Platform

The EU Children’s Participation Platform amplifies children’s voices and enables understanding and access to decision-making processes across the European Union. 

Through the Platform, children can connect with each other, talk to policymakers and decision-makers, discuss topics and themes that affect their lives, and learn about their rights. 

Why did the EU create the Platform?

The EU wants children to have a happy and healthy life. As part of their work on EU Rights of the Child, the EU asked 10,000 children what was important to them. 

A lot of children said that they would like to have a say in matters that concern them, and that they would like decision-makers to listen to their opinions. 

As a result, a plan, called the EU Strategy on the Rights of the Child, emphasises that children should have the opportunity to have their voices heard. An important part of the Strategy is children’s right to participate in policymaking. 

The Platform is opening doors to include children in discussions and decision-making across the EU. It connects existing child participation mechanisms at the local, national and EU level.

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How children and teenagers participate

A girl is thinking, with a light bulb and text bubbles all around her
Share their views on issues that concern them, that are related to EU policy 
A boy is showing us something on a computer screen during a meeting
Take part in online and offline events and meetings 
A girl is cupping her hand around her ear, listening to other people
Listen to others and learn how to make change 
A boy is speaking into a microphone on a European Union podium
Experience democracy in action 
 A girl is holding up a document about children’s rights
Learn about children’s rights  
A small boy is holding a up a big European Union flag in front of him
Help to shape the future of the EU itself 

How is the Platform structured?

The European Commission began the setup of the Platform and appointed a Secretariat team to launch its first phase.  

Children are also helping to shape how the Platform works and its priorities. Key decisions are made at the General Assembly, with advice from the Children’s Panel and the Advisory Board. 

The Platform works at both the EU and national (Member State) levels. Together with child participation organisations and their children’s networks, the main groups within the Platform are as follows: 

How does the Platform keep children and teenagers safe from harm?

We have established a Safeguarding Framework that creates a safeguarding culture throughout the Platform to ensure that children involved in the activities hosted by the Platform feel safe at any and every moment and under all circumstances